Fog in my mind

In Asia “ikat” or “kasuri” design is usually applied on silk yarns, bright and precious; I think that the linen that takes the color in a more chalky way makes this type of design in a particular way, especially if, as in my case, it creates more atmospheres than designs.
I think of Beato Angelico’s tonal painting as Rothko’s … those backgrounds that at first appear to be one color and instead are made up of countless different layers …

Natural dyed with avocado
Natural dyed with indigo, weld and logwood


Dear friends,

with enthusiasm and a pinch of positive audacity we have organized the 2021 calendar of our courses.

From next January our official website will no longer be able to be seen because it is now obsolete and at the moment we have no intention of building it again even if we have retained possession of the eu domain for the future.

All our invitations and programs will be available on the blog:

or on our facebook pages: CASA CLEMENTINA

and instagram: casaclementina10.

We also remind you that for four years now we have been welcoming “tailor-made” programs and projects of longer duration; It has been a great pleasure for us to share life at Casa Clementina with some of you and, in this period when there is a need for distancing, perhaps it will be the best way!

In the meantime we have managed to build a greenhouse and a new garden with dyeing plants mixed with small fruit plants so that we can enjoy the colors and flavors together …

Sissi & Stefano



During these months I have tried to treasure everything I have learned in many parts of the world about “drawing the fog”; ikat, kasuri, plangi, which are usually made with silk and therefore with strong and bright colors, have been interpreted with the finest certified European linen thread, about 30 threads per centimeter.
The fineness of the thread allows me to pass very gradually from one shade to another to become almost, with the natural dye, a form of painting.





























An amazing way to make the soul vibrate …

1. The magnificent Fortuny palace
2. Mirror created by Fortuny to reflect clouds
3. Silk velvet dyed and printed with natural colors
4. Printing tests on woodblock paper for Fortuny’s fabric
5. Silk velvet dyed and printed with natural colors
6. Work of the Korean painter Yun Hyong-Keun
7. Exhibition set up of Axel Vervoordt